Sliding Industrial Doors

Sliding industrial doors are a valid alternative to the folding doors since they allow a minimum encumbrance thanks to the leaf that slides along a wall.
Robust and functional, available with manual or electric opening, with or without floor track, they represent the ideal solution for the external closure of buildings and division of environments within warehouses and depots.  
Single or double leaf doors or the telescopic version guarantee the thermo-acoustic insulation of the space, and can be personalised with glass portholes or ventilation grilles.
For the pedestrian passage the sliding industrial doors are equipped with a door with panic bar.

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Sliding Even Industrial Doors with CE marking, with or without floor track present a linear sliding, and are perfect for both internal and external use. Doors consist of 50mm thick insulated smooth panels in polyurethane foam and clad in double pre-painted steel sheet (gauge 7/10), available in various RAL colours or faux wood.The panels of the sliding doors do not have visible frame and are characterised by EPDM anti-ageing rubber gaskets and nylon brushes, in order to guarantee excellent thermal-acoustic insulation and resistance to weather conditions.The motion is smooth and silent thanks to the cantilever carriages. Safety requirements are met by lock devices with top/ bottom rod.

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Sliding Frame Industrial Doors with CE marking, with or without floor track, have upper guide and steel leaves with visible frame. Available in RAL colours, customised finishes, and infill panels or window panels.Each open section can be filled with infill panels or window panels, such as pre-painted smooth or micro corrugated insulated panels, acoustic rockwool wall panels, laminated safety glass and double glazing. The gaskets between the wings consist in EPDM anti-aging rubber, whereas the upper and lower gaskets are made of nylon brushes. Lock devices of the leaves enable a smooth and silent motion, also for more complex structures.

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Stainless Industrial Doors with CE marking are particularly suitable for the chemical, pharmaceutical and food industry, as well as sea areas and areas where chemicals and chloride are present. Stainless industrial doors consist of the Even structural panel clad on both sides with stainless steel sheet AISI 304 scotch-brite™. Both the structure and the accessories are made of stainless steel AISI 304. The gasket between the wings consist in EPDM anti-aging rubber, whereas on the upper and lower sections of the door the nylon brushes ensure a perfect closure.Stainless doors, with one or two swing doors, used for pedestrian passages on the perimetral façade of the building are made with panels as for industrial doors.

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