Fire-Rated Industrial Doors

Fire-rated industrial doors, due to their fire-resistant qualities, are widely used for fire-risk indoor environment.
Made up of galvanised and painted steel sheet, they have an automatic self-closing system thanks to the counterweight with a thermal fuse or electromagnet. They slide on an upper guide and their resistant is guaranteed by labyrinths and thermo-expanding gaskets.
Certified CE, approved by EI120 and in compliance with the UNI EN 16034:2014 European Law, industrial sliding doors can be integrated with a door equipped with door damper.
The EI180 model is designed with only one sliding leaf.
Fire-rated industrial doors are assembled and installed by technical experts, and we are authorized to issue the certification and the declaration of correct installation.

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Fire-Rated Industrial Doors with CE marking are suitable for medium-large openings (also more than 50 sqm) and are usually installed to divide internal production compartments and warehouses. All models are equipped with a thermal fuse or electromagnet, powered by an external central unit that detects smoke and heat.The sliding industrial fire door EI 120 with single or double leaf is the most common supplied door, followed by the telescopic door with one or two leaves.Custom-built in RAL standard or personalised colours, fire-rated industrial doors are designed for masonry wall or plasterboard wall with insulated substructure.

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Fire-Rated Doors with CE marking.EI 60 and EI120 fire doors are used to close environments that need to be fire and smoke resistant.Doors are certified for resistant to fire for 60-120 minutes, available with single or double leaf.Doors are available in RAL standard colours and can be fasten on masonry wall or plasterboard wall, with anti-panic handles and a wide range of accessories.All fire rated doors can be electronically connected to access control devices.

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Fire-Rated Glass Doors with CE marking are perfect to divide internal compartments of offices that need to be fire and smoke resistant. They are made up with a steel supporting structure and special frame with thermo-expanding gaskets. They can be installed for indoor use with single or double leaf with or without central strip. Available in RAL colours or stainless steel finish. Window panels consist of 21mm thick double laminated glass, fixed using glazing beads with special gaskets suitable to the type of use.Glass doors are available in RAL standard colours with anti-panic handles and multiple accessories also in stainless steel finish.All fire-rated glass doors can be connected to access control devices.

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Multi Purpose Doors with CE marking are robust steel doors, made of galvanized and stove-enamelled steel available in RAL colours.Fasten on wall or plasterboard wall and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, they have insulated mineral wood leaves in order to guarantee a higher thermal-acoustic insulation.Multi-purpose doors are available with single or double leaf that can be symmetric or asymmetric, and with the pushing opening on the right or left side. They are also equipped with black PVC handles and cylinder lock, including anti panic handles and portholes.According to the location, it is possible to choose personalised finishes and handles.

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