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Our production of doors and windows includes the supply and the installation of automatic doors for entrance and entrance systems. First of all, we carry out an in-depth research and then we design the entrance, using the most suitable elements and choosing the best profile, according to the thermal and acoustic insulation and aim. The frames of the leaves, supported by automation system with a small beam, are made of aluminium profiles with or without thermal break. For environments with fire protection standards, such as mall, supermarkets, offices, industries, and hospitals, we design anti-panic automatic doors or automatic redundant doors for escape routes. We supply a wide range of entrance systems – automatic sliding, telescopic, and curved door as well as swing doors.

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Automatic sliding doors are the most chosen type of door, due to their functional features and thermal insulation profiles that guarantee a high thermal and acoustic insulation. From 18 to 50 mm thick leaves with aluminium alloy profiles are available in RAL colours, electro colour, polished or satin stainless steel.Sliding system with thin or thermal insulation profiles can be linear, telescopic, or curved, in order to fit perfectly with the surrounding environment and building.Automatic standard doors, hermetic doors, anti-panic and redundant doors can be supplied with glass or special panels depending on their usage – offices, warehouses, laboratories, or production department.

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Automatic swing doors offer a high thermal insulation and are ideal for emergency exit in building with pedestrian entrance without architectural barriers. The microprocessor control with pulse function or push-and-go guarantees a smooth and silent motion. Frames present aluminium profiles with or without thermal break, and with or without the central crossbar for glass or special panel. Automatic swing doors are particularly used where a smooth passage is required and for offices and sanitary facilities. 

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Entrance systems with or without interlocking doors are a real functional solution for civil, residential, industrial and commercial buildings.They are used to create a space with manual or automatic doors between the inside and outside of the building, in order to contain the heat.Custom built according to the customer’s need, they are made of aluminium and steel structures suitable to support the walls and the roof.Thanks to their architectonic design, they add value to the building.Ideal for buildings with high transit frequency of people, such as executive offices, malls, shops, supermarkets, hotels, public buildings and hospitals. 

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Entrance systems can be equipped with an “air curtain”, in order to obstruct the passage of cold or warm air between the inside and outside of the building.The air curtain creates an invisible air barrier to separate two different environments, without limiting the access of people.Available both with frontal air suction or built-in, with steel supporting systems and finishes in order to fit the building and environment. Air curtains work with resistance or with a recirculating system, depending on the installation conditions, and are available in various sizes. 

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