In 1964, the brothers Fossati Oreste, Renato and Savino decided to follow the path of their ancestors, who had already forty years before developed innovative projects in the field of agricultural machinery such as mills and threshing machinery. F.O.R.S. came into being as a company with strong family traditions and roots in the territory of Bergamo. 

From 1964 to 2000

1964: Fossati Oreste, Renato and Savino founded in Mozzanica (BG) F.O.R.S. S.d.f., a mechanical workshop for third party production and carpentry for the civil and industrial sector.1979: The operational headquarters was moved to a new warehouse in Comune di Isso (BG) 1983: Over the years, driven by the need of innovation, a new technical office was opened at the company’s headquarter with the aim to integrate the processing with the design drawings.1985: FORS S.d.f of Fossati Oreste, Renato and Savino changed into F.O.R.S. S.n.C of Fossati Renato & C.1987: After the exit of Fossati Oreste, the brothers Fossati Fabrizio and Fossati Giuseppe went into business, bringing new ideas and adding the production of industrial closures.1994: At the end of 1994, the partner Fossati Savino, father of Fabrizio and Giuseppe, left the company, leaving the three partners to guide the business. They decided to enter new markets, putting the third party production beside and specializing in the production of industrial closures with their own manufacture of industrial doors. The metal carpentry division for the industrial and building sector remained.1997: The company moved the offices and the production activities to a new owned 3000 sq. m. establishment in Comune di Barbata (BG)

Since 2000

2002: Due to its growth the craft business became an industrial society, expanding the production space by 3300 sq. m. This new site was intended for the manufacture of industrial closures and as warehouse of semi-finished products. Whereas the first warehouse was used for the manufacture of carpentry, and steel and stainless steel constructions. 2006: In 2004 Fossati Renato had left the company, selling his shares of the company to the nephews Fabrizio and Giuseppe. Thus, they remained the co-owners of F.O.R.S. S.r.l. They decided to expand the company, and, therefore, they introduced the manufacture of aluminium doors and windows, in order to offer their customers all the necessarily products to cover the building.2017: A new partner brought the company to develop studies and projects for structures for the logistic sector in collaboration with prefab companies.2019: In 2018 a new shed was built to host 12 transport and assembly equipment, such as vehicles, trucks, platforms, and, after two years of improving the company’s layout, the Management introduced a new machinery: the Plasma Tube 3D “Becky ™” for the cutting of round, square, rectangular tubes and profiles. In September 2019 the manufacture of aluminium doors and windows was moved from Camisano to Barbata. 

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