To achieve a responsible economic growth, FORS has implemented a policy of constant improvement of its quality standards and its workers’ health and safety. Through the continuous commitment of our employees and suppliers, and placing at the core of our activities the customer service, we are able to offer high quality industrial doors, metal structures, and metal doors and windows for every need.
Our procedures are subjected to specific controls in accordance with the Community Directives regarding the conformity and manufacturing of products with CE marking.


The European ISO 9001:2015 Certification guarantees the high standard quality and installation of our products, and customer service. By applying specific operating procedures, we set the goal of guaranteeing the highest quality and efficiency of our products from the design to the installation, up to the test.

Certificate ISO 9001:2005


Safety at Work

The protection of workers’ health, through the prevention of accidents, is one of the primary objectives of our Executive Board. The policy on safety, which has been defined and shared with our personnel, represents our mission, which we follow to protect our workers and all interested parties. By applying both the international ISO 45001:2018, and the national and regional regulation regarding safe and healthy workplaces, we commit ourself to provide the highest level of security standards.

Certificate ISO 45001:2018


Production control UNI EN 1090-1

The UNI EN 1090-1:2009 + A1:2011 confirms the compliance of the production control of metal structures for structural construction carried out in accordance with the EN 1090-2. Control tests carried out during our manufacturing processes comply with the reference guidelines and include: structural design, manufacturing with execution classes EXC1-EXC2-EXC3, and welding performed in compliance with EN ISO 4063.

UNI EN 1090- 1:2009


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