Walkways have the function to allow and protect the pedestrian passage above unsafe places or slippery roofs. In the industrial sector walkways are used to allow the transit of operators and maintenance technicians, guaranteeing them to work in complete safety. In the industrial and civil construction, outdoor and indoor walkways are designed and developed taking into account static as well as seismic actions. Our technical department is responsible for the design and the release of the project and the report.

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Pedestrian walkways are used in the industrial construction to allow the passage of people, people with disabilities, and cycles above vacuum areas. The structure consists of welded and bolted elements in galvanised steel, painted, or in stainless steel. Pedestrian walkways are available in different designs and dimensions in order to meet every need. In the commercial and urban construction, pedestrian walkways are designed as a connection between buildings, green areas and parking areas. Whereas in the industrial construction, they are designed as a connection between sheds and to get access to machineries. 

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Driveway gratings are metal structures made of steel frames and robust electro-forgewelded grating panels suitable to support the passage of vehicles and heavy machinery. Thanks to a careful design and the use of high-quality materials, we can meet every need in the building as well as in the industrial sector. 

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    Industrial Doors

    Production of industrial and residential doors suitable for every need.

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    Metal carpentry, as "trait d'union" in the construction of artifacts.

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    Doors and Windows

    We design, build and install window frames for building and architecture.

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