Metal stairs for civil and residential use are fixed architectural structures made of galvanised steel, stainless steel o painted, and can be used for indoor or outdoor installations.Starting from a detailed study of the building, and analysing each need, we develop the mechanical design with all verification concerning external and seismic actions. Our carpentry department together with the internal technical department manufacture emergency and fire emergency stairs with CE marking for the construction sector and modern interior design, in compliance with the UNI EN 1090 standard.

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Emergency stairs or fire emergency stairs are fixed structures designed to allow a safe evacuation in case of emergency. Moreover, they have to provide external access to the rescue personnel. Straight stairs consist of mullions in HEA, UPN frames, landings and parapets of your choice, “heel-proof” and anti-slip galvanised steps. Each element is equipped with CE marking. On request, we manufacture spiral staircase with stainless steel finishes or painted with epopolyestere powder. 

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Service stairs are used in the civil and industrial sectors to allow the passage between different floors, the access to mezzanines and technical departments, to perform maintenance works, and to connect different areas.Available different type of service stairs, such as straight and spiral service stairs.According to our customer’s need, we design customised service stairs, with the possibility to choose among different finishes, steps, and landings.

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Cat ladder are used to reach areas that are difficult to access, and for maintenance routine.Cat ladder are fixed to the wall and are supplied with safety hoops. If cat ladders are particularly high, rest landings are provided, according to technical design standards and directives. The entire structure is coated with heat galvanization treatment, and is supply and installed by our specialised personnel with suitable lifting equipment. 

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Interior stairs represent an important element for the civil, industrial, commercial, and residential sector.Starting from the idea, we develop the final project together with our customer and architects. We design and manufacture different type of interior stairs made of painted steel, wrought iron, stainless steel or glass. Steps, parapets, and handrail are manufactured with high quality materials and refined finishes, in order to create a unique architectural work.

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Parapets, balustrades, and railing are used in the civil, industrial construction, as well as in interior design. They are supplied preassembled and are made of metal or glass. Since their aim is to prevent people from falling, the anchorage system is extremely important, and, therefore, it is designed to support loads according to the project and use. Parapets in glass can be supplied with an aluminium or stainless stell structure, and can be manufactured for stairs, mezzanines, balconies, and walkways.Available a wide range of parapets, balustrades, and railings that can be customised in order to meet every need. 

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