Gates are built most of all for the civil, industrial, and residential construction. Swing or sliding gates are used for external closure of buildings or propriety, in order to limit the transit of goods or people. We manufacture standard or customized gates and fences, designed with artistic elements and custom finishes, according to our customers’ need. In galvanized steel, painted, stainless or corten steel, gates can be motorized and automated with CE marking.

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Sliding Gates

Single or double leaf sliding gates can be customized and have a structure made of steel frame, mullions, various infill panels, and vertical bars in extruded steel or electro-forgewelded grating.The installation takes place after a deep research and design of the gate, with all details regarding workmanship and finishes. Our gates are all certified. Sliding gates use steel rollers on the bottom of the gate and ride along a floor track. We supply non-automatic as well as automatic sliding gate.  

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Cantilevered Sliding Gates

Cantilevered sliding gates are manufactured according to the customer’s need and without floor track.As the standard version, they are made of a tubular structure with infill panels clad with different types of metal sheet, and vertical bars in extruded aluminium or electro-forgewelded grating.The cantilevered sliding gate operates by using a counterbalance system which allows the gate to be suspended. Therefore, it doesn’t require a track below it.The single leaf version can cover openings up to 20 meters and is supplied with automatic opening systems.

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Swing Gates

Swing gates are the classic version of gates. They are designed according to the customer’s need, and, as for the other models, they can be automatic with external or underground motorization. Swing gates do not have floor track, and are commonly used for garage or box opening, as well as in the civil and industrial construction. Designed to cover openings up to 6 meters, single or double leaf swing gates come into different styles and designs with customised materials and finishes according to the architectural project and use. 

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Fences are used to delimit the private property. According to the architectural and security needs, we supply modern steel structures with the opportunity to choose between a wide range of infill panels, finishes and decorations. Fences can be custom built and are granted by the post that can be fixed directly into the masonry or with panel integration, and stainless steel nuts and bolts Customers can choose the material ready in stock or ask for the installation by our technicians. 

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Gate Automation Systems

We also offer gate automation systems for sliding and swing gates, using only high-quality motorization, suitable to the gate weight. The kit includes external or underground motorization with remote control opening, keypad or badge card.Electrical and mechanical security devices are installed in compliance with the reference standards and according the type of gate. All our gates and fences are equipped with CE marking. 

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